Biscayne National Park Nonnative Species

Exotics are not natural components of the ecosystems and have not evolved with the species native to the area. There are a number of exotic/introduced species in Biscayne National Park. The park has over 80 exotic plants identified within its boundaries. Of these, 14 are on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council's list of Florida's most invasive species, such as Brazilian pepper ( Schinus terebinthifolius ), Australian pine ( Casuarina equisetifolia ), sisal hemp ( Agave sisalana ) and seaside mahoe ( Thespesia populnea ). There is an exotic plant management program in place for the park with the long term goal of eradicating all invasive, exotic species from the natural ecosystem. The park also has many exotic animals including the greenhouse frog ( Eleutherodactylus planirostris ), the Cuban treefrog ( Osteopilus septentrionalis ), the cattle egret ( Bubulcus ibis ), the Mexican red-bellied squirrel ( Sciurus aureogaster ), and the European starling ( Sturnus vulgaris ).

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