Biscayne National Park Trees and Shrubs

The following trees and shrubs have been documented in the park. They have been sorted alphabetically by common name. The list is not exhaustive, and documented sightings of species not on this list are welcome. Submit your sightings to Balsam Apple/Pond Apple, Clusia rosea

Bay Cedar, Suriana maritima

Coconut Palm, Cocos nucifera

Date Palm, Phoenix dactylifera

Florida Cherry Palm, Pseudophoenix sargentii

Florida Thatch Palm, Thrinax radiata

Geiger Tree, Cordia sebestena

Key Lime, Citrus aurantifolia

Lemon, Citrus limon

Monk Orchid, Oeceoclades maculata

Paradise Tree, Simarouba glauca

Sargent Palm, Pseudophoenix sargentii

Seagrape, Coccoloba uvifera

Seven-year-apple, Genipa clusiifolia

Silver Palm, Coccothrinax argentata

Sour Orange, Citrus aurantium

Tangerine, Citrus reticulata

West Indian Mahogany, Swietenia mahogani

Wild Banyantree, Ficus citrifolia

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