Doerner Fir Trail


The Doerner Fir is the largest known Douglas Firin the world, it stands 329 feet tall and 11.5 feet in diameter. The 1/2 mile trail leading to the Fir takes you through one of the coast's finest old growth forests. The trail is steep in spots and sturdy footwear is recommended.


From Coos Bay: Travel south on Hwy 101, then continue south on Hwy 42 to Coquille. Turn left onto the Fairview - Coquille road and proceed to Four Corners in Fairview. Turn right at this intersection onto the Coos Bay Wagon Road and proceed 3.9 miles to the Middle Creek Access Road. Turn left and drive 13.6 miles to a four-way intersection. Turn right onto Burnt Mtn. --Middle Creek Tie Road and drive 4.8 miles to the Burnt Mtn. Access Road. You will come to a T-intersection with a water hole on the right. Turn left and drive approximately 4.9 miles to the East Fork Brummitt Creek Road. Drive about 4.6 miles over gravel to the well marked trailhead.





Coos Bay District 1300 Airport Lane North Bend, OR 97459


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BLM - Bureau of Land Management

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