Klondike Bluffs Trail System


The Klondike Bluffs trails have been popular for a long time, but in the last few years a new push in trailbuilding and maintenance from Grand County Trail Mix, the local BLM and employees from some of the local bike shops has transformed the area. There is a new sign system with fresh markings on all the old trails. There have been 7 new trails constructed ranging from tough, techy and tight singletrack to fast flowing and open singletrack. Check out some of the major rockwork done on some of the trails! The Klondike Bluffs Trail System has two sections Klondike North and Klondike South. The southern section is about 17 miles from Moab and the northern section is a few miles beyond that. Both have signs. The trails are a mixture of tough climbs and descents and smooth fast singltrack working along some of the uplifted rocks in the area. Very fun, especially in cooler weather. There is no fee to ride the Klondike Bluffs Trails, however the BLM, the USFS, Grand County Trail Mix and all the local riders would appreciate if you keep these trails nice by staying on them, cleaning up after yourself and others and not riding them if it is too muddy. Trail Mix especially has put alot of time and effort into transforming this trail system. They always love volunteers even if it is just you picking up trash on your ride. Thanks!


Starting at the Colorado River, drive 15 miles north from Moab. Look for a turnout on the right. There will usually be cars parked there. Go through the gate and drive 2.7 miles. Keep left at the fork. At 2.8 miles, park your car at the gate and begin your ride.






Moab Field Office 82 E Dogwood Moab, UT 84549




BLM - Bureau of Land Management

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