Canyonlands National Park River Regulations

A permit is valid only for the dates and areas listed. A permit is not valid for commercial use. Human waste must be contained and removed from the backcountry. All groups must use a cleanable, reuseable toilet system. Wood and charcoal fires are permitted along the river corridor. Fires must be contained in a metal firepan and all fire debris must be removed from the backcountry. Firepans should be at least 12 wide with a 1.5 lip. White ash may be scattered in the main river channel. Only driftwood and dead-and-down Tamarisk may be collected for firewood. Motorboats must be registered in accordance with the state in which the owner resides. All motorboats must carry a fire extinguisher. Personal Water Craft are not permitted. All vessels must have one personal flotation device (PFD) for each person on board. PFD's must be worn when traveling below the Confluence.

All vessels must carry one spare paddle or oar. Kayakers must have one spare paddle for every three boats. Upstream travel in Cataract Canyon is prohibited. All individuals traveling under a permit must launch, travel and arrive in camp together. No group may send a boat ahead to secure a campsite for the rest of that group. Pets, weapons and littering are prohibited. Pack out all garbage. Disturbing, entering or camping within 300 feet of an archeological site or historical site is prohibited. Collecting artifacts is prohibited. Camping within 300 feet, or use of soap within 100 feet, of springs or intermittent streams is prohibited. Disturbing or collecting natural features is prohibited. Hunting, feeding or disturbing wildlife is prohibited. Fishing is allowed in accordance with Utah state laws.

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Currently Viewing Canyonlands National Park River Regulations