Canyonlands National Park Short Hikes

Several short trails exist along the scenic drive at the Island. These include Aztec Butte, Grand View Point, Mesa Arch, Whale Rock and Upheaval Dome (to the first overlook). Each of these trails highlights some aspect of the park's natural or cultural history. Guides are available for some of the trails at trailheads and in the visitor center.

Aztec Butte Trail

Length: 2 mi/3 km round-trip

Start: Aztec Butte parking area

Time: 1.5 hours

Elevation Change: 225 ft/69 m

A steep climb up a slickrock dome leads to some ancestral Puebloan granaries and outstanding views of Taylor Canyon.

Grand View Point Trail

Length: 2 mi/3 km round trip

Start: Grand View Point

Time: 1 hour

An easy walk out to the very end of the Island in the Sky mesa. Panoramic views.

Mesa Arch

Length: .5 mi/.8 km round trip

Start: Mesa Arch parking area

Time: 30 minutes

A mild walk out to an arch perched right on a cliff edge. A great sunrise hike.

Upheaval Dome Overlook Trail

Length (round-trip): 1 mi/1.5 km to first overlook

Start: Upheaval Dome parking area

Time: 30 minutes

Elevation Change: 50 ft/15 m

Good view of a very intriguing rock formation. Hiking to the second overlook adds 1 MI/1.5 km and at least 15 minutes.

Whale Rock Trail

Length (round-trip): 1 mi/1.5 km to main overlook

Start: Near Upheaval Dome parking area

Time: 1 hour

Elevation Change: 100 ft/30 m

Handrails provided for the steep climb up Whale Rock. Good views of upheaval dome area.

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Currently Viewing Canyonlands National Park Short Hikes