Northwest Montana Wetland Management District


The Northwest Montana Wetland Management District (WMD) consists of waterfowl production areas (WPA) ranging in size from 28 to 2,370 acres. It is located in the Flathead and Mission valleys. The area consists of intermountain grasslands thickly dotted with wetlands. These wetland depressions were created during the 100,000-year Wisconsin glaciation, which carved stream valleys and formed the moraine and glacial outwash sections of the valley floor.

The WPAs are open to a number of public uses including wildlife observation, wildlife photography, hunting, and fishing. Smith Lake WPA is listed as a watchable wildlife site in the Montana Wildlife Viewing Guide and is considered an excellent site to view waterfowl and shorebirds.


Lake County WPAs and Conservation Easements are located south and southwest of Ronan, Montana. Flathead County WPAs are located south and west of the Kalispell area. Flathead WPA is along the north shoreline of Flathead Lake at the mouth of the Flathead River. Batavia and Smith Lake WPAs are located in Smith Valley west - southwest of Kalispell. Blasdel WPA is located 1ý miles north of Flathead Lake. McGregor Meadows WPA is located 28 miles west of Kalispell.





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