Grand Canyon National Park Families Jr Ranger Programs

Kids Participating in the Junior Ranger program must attend one Ranger led activity in order to fulfill their requirements for Raven, Coyote, or Scorpion. The following programs are offered by the Environmental Education Branch of Grand Canyon during the SUMMER MONTHS ONLY (June thru August). By participating in these programs kids can fulfill their requirement for attending a Ranger led activity. Below you will find descriptions and start times for the programs specifically geared towards families visiting Grand Canyon National Park during the summer.

Children's Reading Circle

The Children's Reading Circle is held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the Shrine of the Ages at 1:30pm during the summer months (June - August). The reading circle is geared towards our young visitors between the ages of 2 and 6. One of our National Park Rangers will read a few of his or her favorite Grand Canyon children's books. Children who participate in the reading circle can fulfill their Junior Ranger (Raven) requirement for attending a Ranger led program.

Way Cool Stuff For Kids

The Way Cool Stuff for Kids program happens everyday at the Shrine of the ages during the summer months (June to August). Kids age 4-14 should come prepared to have a lot of fun and learn something new! Programs will differ from day to day, you could learn about amazing insect, bats, mountain lions, the effect of fire on a forest ecosystem, or the importance of water in our world.

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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Families Jr Ranger Programs
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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Families Jr Ranger Programs