Grand Canyon National Park Grandview to S Kaibab Trail

Inner Canyon / Backcountry Grandview Trail to South Kaibab Trail


7.5 Minute Quadrangle: Phantom Ranch

15 Minute Quadrangle: Grandview Point Cape Royal

Trails Illustrated: Grand Canyon National Park


Grandview Point 7400 ft

Tonto Trail 3800 ft


3 miles from Grandview point to Horseshoe Mesa . Horseshoe to Cottonwood creek 1.5 miles.

Cottonwood to Grapevine 5.5 miles.

Grapevine to Lonetree 8.7 miles.

Lonetree to Cremation 3.5 miles.

Cremation to rim via South Kaibab 6.5 miles.


From the rim, access is most easily gained from the Grandview point Trailhead just off of Desert View Drive.


No water on Horseshoe Mesa , Page spring has water year round, it is located off the east side of Horseshoe Mesa. The trail down is very steep and exposed in places. Off the west side of Horseshoe Mesa is a trail to the Cottonwood Creek drainage. Cottonwood Creek is fed by a spring and has water year round although it can be hard to find in the summer. Water can also be found within 1/2 mile of the Tonto Trail in the Grapevine drainage. In the Boulder and Lonetree drainages water is less common and often unavailable. Check above and below the trail. Cremation creek is one of the first creeks to dry up in spring and should not be relied on.


Horseshoe Mesa is DESIGNATED CAMPING ONLY you must camp in the sites. All other areas between horseshoe mesa and South Kaibab Trail are at large camping. Remember do not clear a spot this causes damage and is not permitted please brush your campsite when you leave. Most of Tonto trail is home to many rodents and they love to chew on packs and get into food bags so protect your food!!!


From Grandview Point you start down the trail. This is a historic miners trail and you will notice the rip rap stone work as you travel . It is 3 miles to Horseshoe Mesa . As you drop on to the Mesa follow the trail north towards the butte, just before the stone cook house, the trail goes down to the west, this trail will take you into Cottonwood drainage. The trail will cross over a dry creek bed then follow along the creek to the junction with the creek bed coming from the west this is the spring drainage and should be wet. Follow the trail part way down the drainage then stay to the left and follow the Tonto trail, this is flat hiking with little shade in mid day. The Tonto trail going into Grapevine drainage is exposed and is composed of fine talus. The rest of the Tonto is flat hiking until you reach Cremation . This is where the trail does a lot of up and down and some of the trail is steep and all talus. The trail will then continue until you reach the out house at the tip off and the trail junction with the South Kaibab Trail .

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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Grandview to S Kaibab Trail
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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Grandview to S Kaibab Trail