Grand Canyon National Park Grandview Trail

The Grandview trail day hikes are to Coconino Saddle or Horseshoe Mesa. Trail conditions are tougher than the Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails. Trail gets steeper and more tricky beyond Coconino Saddle. Allow extra hiking time because of trail conditions. Hiking boots a must. Only recommended for experienced desert hikers.

Everyone needs to carry water! A common mistake is not carrying water and not carrying enough water. When hiking in a group, each person should be carrying water; carrying for the group is a common mistake. Always remember to eat as well as drink while hiking , you will be using alot of energy when hiking the canyon.

YIELD to Hikers going Up-Hill.

Trail Condition:

Very steep, rocky, and strenuous. Unmaintained trail. Some shade on trail, varies on time of day. Directions to Trailhead: By vehicle to Grandview Point, 12 miles east of village along Desert View Drive. Trail begins on canyon side of retaining wall at Grandview Point. Trailhead Elevation: 7400 Feet Services:

NO Assistance on Trail.

NO water along trail. Day hiking as far as Horseshoe Mesa is not recommended during summer. Destination Distance (in Miles) Elevation Feet

(Destination) Services: W = Water; T = Toilet/Restroom; E = Emergency Phone To Destination Round

Trip Services Notes W T E Coconino Saddle .75 1.5 6235 Recommended day hike point. Trail gets steeper and more rocky beyond here. Use extra caution along narrow sections. Miners Spring Jct. 3 6 4800 Junction Sign. Cottonwood Creek Jct. 3.1 6.2 Junction Sign. Mesa / Toilet Jct. 3.2 6.4 X Stone Cabin Junction Sign. Use extra caution along narrow sections. Use extreme caution hiking on the Mesa during summer, little trail shade.

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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Grandview Trail
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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Grandview Trail