Grand Canyon National Park Hermit Rapids

The Hermit Creek Rapids are a one-hour hike down from the Tonto Trail and Hermit Creek campsites. Hikers can follow the drainage down or they can bypass Hermit camp by following the marked trail down through the Tapeats directly into the canyon. Either way, the canyon is an easy walk down and the views are worth the effort. Hermit Rapids Camp has a large beach beside and below the rapids and a few sites receive regular use just above the rapids. River trips will often stop at the beach to scout the rapids before entering them. The beach below the rapids offers little in the way of protection or privacy but the views are great. It is not possible to travel very far up or down river from the Hermit Rapids beach so one night is suitable for exploring the area. Please note that swimming in the Colorado River is not recommended as currents are very powerful and water temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When setting up camp along the Colorado River, keep in mind that releases from the Glen Canyon Dam can fluctuate as much as three feet overnight.

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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Hermit Rapids