Grand Canyon National Park Mule Trips South Rim

South Rim Mule Trips

The mule ride down to the Colorado River and back up to the South Rim is a two-day trip. Overnight riders stay and eat at Phantom Ranch in the Inner Canyon. The trip to Phantom Ranch costs $360.54 for the first person, or two people for $641.57, and includes tax, accommodations, breakfast, lunch and steak dinner. A one-day trip is also offered which goes part way to the river stopping at Plateau Point on the Bright Angel Trail. The seven-hour day trip to Plateau Point costs $132.88 per person and includes tax and a box lunch.

South Rim mule trips are offered year round.

Mule trips may be booked 23 months in advance and fill up early. A waiting list is maintained for cancellations, but chances of obtaining reservations on the waiting list are slim. If you wish to make a trip into the canyon on a mule, plan ahead! Mule rides from the South Rim can be reserved through Xanterra Parks Resorts. Call (303) 297-2757 or toll free (888) 297-2757, or FAX (303) 297-3175, or write to Xanterra Parks Resorts, 14001 E. Illiff, Ste. 600, Aurora, CO 80014, or visit . For waiting list information, call (928) 638-2631 or contact the Bright Angel Lodge transporation desk inside the park. There are restrictions: mule riders must not weigh more than 200 lbs/91 kg fully dressed, must be at least 4 feet 7 inches/140 cm in height, must be able to speak and understand fluent English, must be in good physical condition, should not be afraid of heights or large animals, and cannot be pregnant.

Horse Rides

One-, two-, and four-hour trail rides and twilight campfire and wagon rides are available. Apache Stables is located outside of Grand Canyon National Park at the north end of Tusayan. For information and reservations call (928) 638-2891.

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