Grand Canyon National Park Uncle Jim Trail

Hiking the RIM trails are ideal day hikes. They offer a variety of different views along trails that offer good hiking with little elevation change.

Start hike from the Ken Patrick trailhead. Along the Ken Patrick trail, will come upon the Uncle Jim Trailhead. The trail is a loop trail that goes along Roaring Springs and Bright Angel Canyons. Trail will overlook the upper sections of the North Kaibab trail

It is always a good idea that everyone carry water! Even though you will be hiking on the rim, you still need water and food.

Trail Condition:

Inclines to flat. Well defined. Shade along trail. Directions to Trailhead: About 2 miles from the Lodge or 1.5 miles by hiking trail. Parking lot at N. Kaibab trailhead. Trailhead Elevation: 8,250 Feet, little elevation change. Services:

NO Assistance on Trail.

NO water along trail. Destination Distance (in Miles) Services: W = Water; T = Toilet/Restroom; E = Emergency Phone To Next Point Total From Trailhead Round Trip From Trailhead Services Notes W T E Ken Patrick Trailhead 0.5 East side of parking area. Uncle Jim Trailhead 0.4 0.5 1.0 Trail to right. Loop Jct. (Left Trail)

(Right Trail) 1.3

0.9 0.9 1.8 Because the loop jct. to the overlook is not equal distances, can vary the total distance by taking the same trail both ways (3.6 or 4.4 miles round trip). Overlook (Left Trail)

(Right Trail) 2.2

1.8 4.0 back to North Rim

The sun is just starting to peek out above the mountains and you're already half way up the skin track in the...
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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Uncle Jim Trail
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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Uncle Jim Trail