Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

Land of Giants

These parks are home to giants: immense mountains, deep canyons, and huge trees. Thanks to their huge elevational range, 1,500' to 14,491', these parks protect stunningly diverse habitats. The Generals Highway climbs over 5000 feet from chaparral and oak-studded foothills to the awe-inspiring sequoia groves. From there, trails lead to the high-alpine wilderness which makes up most of these parks. Beneath the surface lie over 200 fascinating caverns.

Although Congress created these two parks at different times, Sequoia and Kings Canyon share miles of boundary and are managed as one park. Sequoia was the second national park designated in this country. General Grant National Park, the forerunner of Kings Canyon, was third.

As you explore this landscape of giants, do so in step with nature. Be aware that human activity may conflict with natural events. One example: human - bear interactions can result in problems for both players. Store all food properly and learn other ways to keep your parks healthy and wild. And stay safe! Rivers are especially dangerous now.

And stay safe! Rivers are especially dangerous now. Several people have drowned this year, and there have been frightening rescues. Please be careful, and supervise children near any water. Enjoy a safe visit to these wonderful parks.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon Lodging

Nearby Town(s): Three Rivers, Pinehurst, Bishop, Fresno, Bakersfield

Wuksachi Lodge Lodging is located in the Giant Forest area of Sequoia National Park. The modern lodge offers 102 guest rooms, a full-service restaurant, cocktail lounge and a retail and ski shop. The lodge is located two miles from Lodgepole Village and four miles from Giant Forest Museum. Hiking trails from the lodge lead to Cahoon Meadow, Twin Lakes, and Lodgepole.

John Muir Lodge Lodging, in Grant Grove Village in the Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park, offers 36 hotel rooms and a restaurant. The lodge is ½ mile (.8km) from a sequoia grove, visitor center, market, restaurant, gift shop, and post office. Hiking trails in the area lead to the General Grant Tree, Panoramic Point, and other Grant Grove features.

The Grant Grove Cabins Lodging are in the Grant Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park, ½ mile (.8 km) from a sequoia grove, visitor center, market, restaurant, gift shop, and post office. Guests can choose from six types of cabins, some of which are available year-round. At an elevation of 6,500 feet (1,980 m), this area is snowy in winter and tire chains may be needed during winter storms. The Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park is open from spring through fall.

Cedar Grove Lodge Lodging is located deep in Kings Canyon at an elevation of 4,600 feet (1402 m). The lodge offers 21 hotel rooms, a counter-service restaurant, market, and gift shop. The lodge is also within walking distance of Cedar Grove's visitor center.

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