Petrified Forest National Park Plant Megafossils

Late Triassic plant megafossils found in Petrified Forest National Park.

Compiled by Dr. Sid Ash, September 2003.


Chinlea campii** Chinlea sp.


Equisetites bradyi* Equisetites spp. Equicalastrobus chinleana** Neocalamites virginiensis Neocalamites sp.

Ferns and Fernlike Foliage

Cladophlebis daughertyi C. yazzia Cladophlebis spp. Clathropteris walkeri Cynepteris lasiophora Itopsidema vancleaveii* Phlebopteris smithii Sphenopteris arizonica Todites fragilis Wingatea plumosa**


Aricycas paulae Charmorgia dijolli Lyssoxylon grigsbyi**


Zamites powellii


Baiera arizonica*


Dadoxylon chaneyi*


Araucariorhiza joae* Araucarioxylon arizonicum Brachyphyllum hegewaldia Pagiophyllum simpsonii Podozamites arizonicus Samaropsis puerca*

Position Uncertain

Carpolithus chinleana Dinophyton spinosus Marcouia neuropteroides Pramelreuthia yazzi Schilderia adamanica Woodworthia arizonica

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