Portland and Crater Lake Road Trip

Approximate Mileage/Time: Approximately 990 miles, 7 days.

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Start of Road Trip

Portland and Crater Lake Road Trip starts in Portland, Oregon. Begin your road trip in Portland, Oregon. Portland is a bustling local scene, offers sumptuous dining and welcoming accommodations. All of Portland is effortlessly accessed thanks to the famous light-rail system. If you have yet to visit Portland, Oregon, take some time during this road trip to explore this wonderful city.

Crater Lake National Park

The Oregon coastline

The Oregon coastline is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the United States offering a multitude of state parks up and down the coast. Quaint coastal towns, beautiful ocean scenery, national forests and more. There is a multitude of small towns to stay in up and down this coastline so you can take your time enjoying the scenery. From Coos Bay, Tillamook, Bandon, Reedsport, Florence, Cannon Beach, Seaside and Newport to name just a few.

Tillamook, Oregon

After a drive along the coast, a nice place to stop would be Tillamook, Oregon. Why Tillamook? Any cheese lover has likely heard of Tillamook Cheese. Dairy Farming, Timber, Tourism, and Fishing have become Tillamooks' major industries, but this lush, green valley nestled between the Coast Range and the Pacific Ocean is perfect for nearly any business, firm, or family.

Crater Lake National Park

Drive from Crescent City to Crater Lake on a road that takes you through more redwoods and other tree scenery. Crater Lake National Park is most famously known for its spectacular blue color and gorgeous views. A summer visit, allows visitors to navigate the Rim Drive around the lake. Other opportunities for visitors include activities such as; boat tours on the lake surface, stay in the historic Crater Lake Lodge, camp at Mazama Village, or taking a hike on some of the park's various trails including Mt. Scott at 8,929 ft. If you are unable to stay inside the park at Crater Lake Lodge, you might want to consider some of these towns outside of the park: Klamath Falls (approx 50 miles), Medford (approx 54 miles), Ashland (approx 60 miles) or more.

Redwood National and State Parks

Moving along with our journey north, we arrive to Redwood National and State Parks. These parks are home to some of the world's tallest trees, the old-growth coast redwoods. They can live to be 2000 years old and grow to over 300 feet tall. Plan your route through Redwood park as there are several routes you can take. Don't forget to visit the shoreline area for an evening stroll along the beach. You may want to stay an extra night here to fully explore the park. There is no lodging inside Redwood National Park so some towns to consider would be: Crescent City (approx 38 miles), Trinidad (approx 12 miles) or McKinleyville (approx 20 miles) or Arcata Lodging (approx 21 miles).

End Road Trip

We have concluded the Portland and Crater Lake Road Trip. If you hadn't taken any time to explore Portland, Oregon at the beginning of this trip, you might want to take the opportunity now. Portland has been considered one of the best small cities in the United States and well worth the visit. Portland and Crater Lake Road Trip: Portland and Crater Lake Road Trip, Redwoods Road Trip, Crater Lake Road Trip