Rocky Mountain National Park Special Use

A permit is required for park activities that provide a benefit to an individual, group, or organization, rather than the public at large, and that may require management by the National Park Service in order to protect park resources and the public interest. Activities that require a permit include: special events, weddings, operating a business, or doing commercial filming.

Special Permits

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Special Use Permit Applications for an event OTHER THAN a wedding. For example: cultural programs, public spectator attractions, sporting events, festivals, concerts and first amendment activities.

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Wedding Planning Information and a Wedding Permit Application.

Incidental Business Permits (IBPs)

IBPs are required for companies or individuals to conduct business in Rocky Mountain National Park on an annual basis. An IBP is a non-exclusive license to offer services to park visitors. Currently, the following activities are permitted under the IBP program:

Front country bicycle tours Snowshoe and ski tours Interpretive hiking tours Fly fishing instruction Photography workshops Llama packing services Portrait photography sessions Shuttle services Guided backpacking Art classes

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IBP Permit Application .

Commercial Filming Permits

Commercial filming or photography requires a Filming Permit. Permits are not required for visitors using cameras for personal use or for film or video news crews at breaking news events. An original Certificate of Insurance (minimum $1 million per occurrence) is required for all commercial filming. The additional insured should be named either: US Government or United States of America.

There are two applications for a Filming Permit.

Use the

Commercial Filming Short Form for less complex activities and a crew of ten or fewer people.

Use the

Commercial Filming Long Form for activities of greater complexity requiring a crew of more than ten.

Research Permits


Research Permit is required for any research study, collecting, or interviewing that is conducted in the park. Generally such activities must be based on an approved study plan.

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