Rocky Mountain National Park Suggested Hikes

Trails in miles, one way unless noted.

Lake Hikes

Bear Lake

0.6 mile-loop


An excellent interpretive nature trail circles this popular subalpine lake at the end of Bear Lake Road.

Cub Lake

2.3 miles


A park favorite, this hike to a mountain pond travels through woods that blaze with color in the fall.

Mills Lake

Trailhead: Glacier Gorge

2.8 miles


The view of Longs Peak and the Keyboard of the Winds from Mills Lake is one of Rocky Mountain's finest.

Bluebird Lake

Trailhead: Wild Basin

6 miles


This long hike to a scenic lake includes a stop at Ouzel Falls, a trip through a recovering, fire-charred forest, and beautiful wildflowers.

Waterfall Hikes

Adams Falls

Trailhead: East Inlet



A beautiful stream and pleasant scenery accompany hikers on this popular west side walk.

Alberta Falls

Trailhead: Glacier George Jct



Glacier Creek thunders down this spectacular waterfall that ranks as one of the park's more popular hiking destinations.

Cascade Falls

Trailhead: North Inlet



The hike through forested country ends with a scenic respite beside this tumbling waterfall on the park's west side.

Ouzel Falls

Trailhead: Wild Basin



Watching the falls' namesake - the ouzel, or dipper - plunge into the rushing stream water entertains hikers at this popular spot.

Timberline Falls

Trailhead: Glacier George Jct



Scenic Loch Vale is enjoyed en route to these delicately beautiful falls on the park's east side.

Summit Hikes

Deer Mountain

Trailhead: Deer Ridge Jct



Deer Mountain Deer Ridge Jct. 3.0 Moderate Fine views, pleasant hiking and a picnic on top make this trip a hiking favorite. Summit elevation 10,013' (gain of 1083').

Twin Sisters Peaks

Trailhead: Twin Sisters



Twin Sister Peaks Twin Sisters 3.7 Moderate These two peaks sit off by themselves to the east, offering outstanding vistas sweeping in all directions. Elevation at summit 11,428' (gain of 2338')

Flattop Mountain

Trailhead: Bear Lake



Panoramic views and access to many other great peaks lure hikers up this mountain in the middle of the park. Summit elevation 12,324' (gain of 2849').

Mount Ida

Trailhead: Milner Pass



This high altitude tundra hike begins at the Continental Divide and offers views east and west. Summit elevation 12,880' (gain of 2130').

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