Yosemite National Park When to Visit

Tioga Road

The opening and closing date of the Tioga Road varies from year to year, depending on conditions (see a list of dates since 1980 ). There is no scheduled opening or closing date each year, however the road usually opens sometime in late May or early June and usually remains open through October.

Information is available on alternate routes to Lake Tahoe/Reno, Las Vegas, and Death Valley.

Plowing begins on April 15. Factors affecting the opening of the road include: Avalanche zones (26 potential areas). The Olmsted Point avalanche zone requires a lot of work, including application of charcoal over the snow to help with melting and blasting the snow slab to make it safer for personnel. Heavy snow pack slows the whole operation. Trees that have fallen across the road and been buried in the snow. These can cause substantial damage to the equipment and result in a stop to all operations until they're cleared. Rock slides buried by the snow. These can cause substantial damage to the equipment and result in a stop to all operations until they're cleared. Snow storms during the opening require a stop to Tioga Road operations and in order to plow and sand the park roads that are open. Road repairs and ditching and brushing operations once snow has melted back enough.

Opening and Closing Dates since 1980 Year Opened Closed 1980 June 6 Dec. 2 1981 May 15 Nov. 12 1982 May 28 Nov. 15 1983 June 29 Nov. 11 1984 May 19 Nov. 8 1985 May 8 Nov. 12 1986 May 24 Nov. 29 1987 May 2 Nov. 13 1988 April 29 Nov. 14 1989 May 12 Nov. 24 Year Opened Closed 1990 May 17 Nov. 19 1991 May 26 Nov. 14 1992 May 15 Nov. 10 1993 June 3 Nov. 24 1994 May 25 Nov. 10 1995 June 30 Dec. 11 1996 May 31 Nov. 5 1997 June 13 Nov. 12 1998 July 1 Nov. 12 1999 May 28 Nov. 23 Year Opened Closed 2000 May 18 Nov. 9 2001 May 12 Nov. 11 2002 May 22 Nov. 5 2003 May 31 Oct. 31 2004 May 14 Oct. 17 2005 June 24 Nov. 25

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