Biscayne National Park Other Invertebrates

These species have been documented in the park. They are sorted alphabetically by common name. The list is not exhaustive, and documented sightings of species not on this list are welcome. Submit your sightings to

Black-ball Sponge, Ircinia strobilina

Christmas Tree Worm, Spirobranchus giganteus

Cushion Sea Star, Oreaster reticulatus

Elkhorn Coral, Acropora palmata

Fire Coral, Millepora alcicornis and M. complanata

Fire Sponge, Tedania ignis

Golden Tube Worm, Cistenides sp.

Golfball Coral, Favia fragum

Loggerhead Sponge, Spheciospongia vesparium

Pillar Coral, Dendrogyra cylindrus

Portuguese Man-of-War, Physalia physalis

Smooth Gooseneck Barnacle, Lepas anatifera

Staghorn Coral, Acropora cervicornis

Upsidedown (or Mangrove) Jelly, Cassiopea

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