Grand Canyon National Park Hermit Creek

Hermit Creek Camp bears little resemblance to what it was nearly a century ago when the Santa Fe Railroad built and maintained the Camp and the trail to accommodate early Canyon hikers and explorers. Hikers with a good eye can still find evidence of the tramway that carried supplies down from Pima point, nearly 3,000 feet above. Portions of an old road cross and contour the creek banks down to Hermit Rapids and the outline of a few structures remain on the Tonto Platform. The only other development in the area is the pit toilet at the camp and the four designated campsites on the east bank of Hermit Creek. The camp is well situated for area exploration of the Tonto Trail to the east and west and anyone visiting the area should follow the creek down for an hour to get a view of Hermit rapids. Hikers going up the creek will be rewarded with great views, but should be prepared to get wet as the many pools that have formed in and around the boulder jams and pouroffs will be running and full year round. Though the camp is perched safely out of range of flashfloods, the canyon itself is not, so hikers exploring this area during monsoon season should be alert and cautious of this potential hazard. The location of Hermit Creek Camp makes it a good exit point via the Hermit Trail and two nights are adequate for exploring the general area. The creek is perennial and aside from the river, it is the only source of water in the area. Careful management including the recent addition of a pit toilet facility has returned the creek to an attractive and pristine setting.

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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Hermit Creek