Grand Canyon National Park Inner Canyon Trails

Inner Canyon / Backcountry Threshold Zone Hikes These hikes are for people with Grand Canyon backpacking experience. Non-maintained trails. Scarce water source. Pit toilets. The following ranger recommendations are founded in a concern for hiker safety and a desire that you enjoy your backpacking trip. Over 250 people are rescued from the canyon each year; the majority involve people on their first hike in the canyon. Remember, there are no easy trails into or out of the Grand Canyon. Recommended hikes starting on the Hermit Trail on the South Rim:

Trip A Trip B Trip C Trip D Enter Hermit Trail Hermit Trail Hermit Trail Hermit Trail Night 1 Hermit Creek - BM7 Monument Creek - BL7 Hermit Creek - BM7 Hermit Creek - BM7 Night 2 Hermit Creek - BM7 Monument Creek - BL7 Monument Creek - BL7 Granite Rapids - BL8 Night 3 Hike Out Hike Out Indian Garden - CIG Granite Rapids - BL8 Night 4 Hike Out Hermit Creek - BM7 Night 5 Hike Out Exit Hermit Trail Hermit Trail Bright Angel Trail Hermit Trail Total Miles 15.4 miles 17 miles 23.8 miles 20.8 miles There are more itinerary combinations that may work for your group. Historically hikers tend to underestimate the amount of time and energy required to get into and out of the Hermit area. Out of bounds camping and camping off itinerary are both illegal. Hikers must stay in designated campgrounds only. Granite Rapids or Hermit Rapids on your first or last night is not recommended.

Other recommended hikes on the South Rim:

Trip A Trip B Trip C Enter Grandview Trail Grandview Trail South Kaibab Trail Night 1 Horseshoe Mesa - BF5 Horseshoe Mesa - BF5 Bright Angel - CBG Night 2 Hike Out Horseshoe Mesa - BF5 Clear Creek - AK9 Night 3 Hike Out Clear Creek - AK9 Night 4 Clear Creek - AK9 Night 5 Bright Angel - CBG Night 6 Hike Out Exit Grandview Trail Grandview Trail Bright Angel Trail Total Miles 6 miles 6 miles 34.4 miles Note: Historically hikers underestimate the amount of energy required to get into and out of the Clear Creek Use Area. It is strongly recommended that an itinerary involving Clear Creek Use Area include a first and last night at Bright Angel Campground . The Clear Creek use area is at large camping however it is 8.7 miles from Bright Angel Campground to the creek itself with no perennial water along the way. There is no camping between Bright Angel Campground and Sumner Wash , a distance of 2 miles. Other Hikes Primitive Zones Hikes are recommended for highly experienced Grand Canyon hikers. If you are highly experienced with Grand Canyon backpacking with good route finding ability you may want a Primitive Zone Hike. The routes are non-maintained with scarce water sources and no toilets. (Recommended Primitive Zone Hikes)

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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Inner Canyon Trails
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Currently Viewing Grand Canyon National Park Inner Canyon Trails