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Padre Island National Seashore Mollusks

The following 37 species of molluscs have been documented at the National Seashore; the common name is followed by the scientific name.

Variable Coquina - Donax variabilis

Atlantic Giant Cockle - Dinocardium robustum

Broad Ribbed Caditid - Carditamera floridana

Sawtooth Penshell - Atrina serrata

Common Sundial - Architectonica nobilis

White Baby Ear - Sinum perspectivum

Janthina - Janthina janthina

N/A - Dentalium sp.

Eastern Oyster - Crassostrea virginica

Scorched Mussel - Brachidontes exustus

False Angelwing - Petricola pholadiformis

Atlantic Pearl Oyster - Pinctada imbricata

Rock Shell - Thais haemostoma

Striped False Limpet - Siphonaria pectinata

Lineolate Periwinkle - Littorina lineolata

Antillean Murite - Nerita fulgurans

Tinted Cantharus - Pisania tincta

Cayenne Keyhole Limpet - Diodora cayenensis

Greedy Dovesnail - Anachis avara

Disk Dosinia - Dosinia discus

Spiny Jewelbox - Arcinella arcinella

Alternate Tellin - Tellina alternata

Brown Moonsnail - Polinices hepaticus

Lettered Olive - Oliva sayana

Pointed Venus - Anomalocardia auberiana

Bay Scallop - Argopecten irradians

Scorched Mussel - Brachidontes exustus

Not Available - Laevecardium mortoni

Not Available - Mulinia laterale

Not Available - Acteon cumingii

Greedy Dovesnail - Anachis avara

Striate Bubble - Bulla striata

Not Available - Bursatella leecheii

Variable Cerith - Cerithium lutosum

Common Atlantic Slippersnail - Crepidula fornicata

Not Available - Diastoma varium

Bruised Nassa - Nassarius vibex

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