Petrified Forest National Park Park Regulations

Petrified Forest National Park is mandated to protect and preserve all park resources for today and for future generations. We need your help! Please follow the below park regulations for your safety and for the safety of park resources.

For more detailed information on park regulations, including Administratively Closed Areas, please review the Superintendent's Compendium .

Do not remove any natural or cultural object from the park, including fossils, rocks, animals, plants, and artifacts. Do not relocate objects within the park. This changes the context of the objects. Context, where and how fossils and artifacts are found and described, are as important as the objects themselves.

Park in designated areas only. Please do not park along the roadway or in the middle of the road.

Vehicle travel is limited to the paved park road. Off road travel is not allowed. Obey posted speed limits.

All vehicles, including buses, microbuses, and vans, are prohibited from idling their engines for extended periods of time. Idling cannot exceed 5 minutes during periods of inclement weather and 2 minutes at all other times.

Bicycles are permitted only on the established paved roadway. Bicycles are not allowed on paved or dirt trails or off road at any time.

Do not feed or approach wildlife. This protects the natural feeding and behavior habits of the animals. Animals that beg for food can be aggressive and may bite or harm people. Please do not allow your pets near animals. Do not handle injured or dead animals.

Pets must be leashed (no longer than 6 feet) and physically restrained at all times. Pets are prohibited in buildings, Wilderness Areas, or Wilderness Access Trails. Pets are allowed on maintained trails. Pets may not be tied to an object and left unattended for longer than 5 minutes. Please clean up after your pet.

Please stay on trails and behind any barricades. Plants in this environment grow by the inch and are destroyed by the foot. Don't let it be your foot! Fragile soils and animal homes are also easily disturbed.

Do not climb on prehistoric or historic walls.

Do not harm or remove any petroglyphs. Direct physical contact with rock art is prohibited.

Petrified Forest National Park is only open to the public for day use. Park access is prohibited during closed hours except by permit.

Ground fires are prohibited at all times. The use of solar, propane, and white gas fuel stoves and charcoal grills are allowed in designated picnic areas. During periods of extreme fire danger, charcoal grills are prohibited.

Do not litter. Use appropriate receptacles, including recycling containers located at Painted Desert Visitor Center. Cigarette butts are considered litter, too!

Backpacking is allowed by permit only. A free permit can be obtained at any Visitor Center facility no later than 1-hour before the park closes.

Firearms must be broken down, unloaded, cased, and stored in your vehicle. Carrying or use of firearms in park is prohibited.

The consumption of alcohol or the presence of open alcoholic containers is prohibited, except in picnic areas or concession food service facilities.

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