Petrified Forest National Park Trace Fossils

Late Triassic Trace Fossils found in Petrified Forest National Park.

Compiled by W.G. Parker January 14, 2004. Ichnospecies Archeoentomichnus metapolypholeos Hasiotis and Dubiel 1995 - social insect nest - Holotype: PEFO 10348 - Hypodigm: PEFO 10348, 10347, 10350A, 10350B, 10351, 10352 Kouphichinium arizonae Caster 1944 - Limuloid trails (Horseshoe crab) - Holotype: USNM 161162 Paleobuprestis maxima Walker 1938 - channels in wood surfaces - Holotype: USNM 95870 Paleobuprestis minima Walker, 1938 - channels in wood surfaces - Holotype: USNM 95871 Paleoscolytus diverges Walker, 1938 - channels in wood surfaces - Holotype: USNM 95872 Paleoipidus perforatus Walker, 1938 - tunnels in wood surfaces - Holotype: USNM 95873 Paleoipidus marginatus Walker, 1938 - tunnels in heartwood - Holotype: USNM 95874

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