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Royalty Free Licence and End user agreement.

This Agreement is made on the day of purchase between Inc. who is the owner and operator of the web site known as, and you, the user ("the Licensee"). In consideration of the Licensee paying the agreed licence fee related to the purchase of either single images and/or CDs, and in consideration of being bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Agereement, Inc. grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use any Image obtained from Inc.. Inc. provides images 'as is', and makes no warranty, either express or implied of merchantability or fitness for purpose, type or quality of image or compatibility with any other facility. All images and related information in any medium furnished by Inc.. All Images are protected by US and international copyright laws. The Images may be accessed and used by the Licensee only.

Authorised Uses:

The Licensee is permitted to:


Use the Images in the Licensee's personal, professional, internal, editorial and client projects including printed materials, Publications (electronic or print), advertisements, Packaging (CDs, videos, cassettes, etc), presentations, Trade show displays, products posters and exhibits, websites or multimedia projects, educational purposes or Layout design;


Use the Images in a for-sale product of any quantity, providing the finished product(s) is designed for viewing purposes only and is not designed or intended for re-use in any on-line distribution system (including the Licensee's web page) at a resolution greater than 640x480 pixels (72dpi);


Incorporate an image in products offered for sale where the image is a significant part of the product (such as T-shirts, book covers, non-disposable packaging, coffee mugs, posters, greeting cards, etc.). You will not need to purchase any additional resale illustration license to incorporate an image into these types of products.


Make a single copy of the Images for backup purposes.

Unauthorised Uses:

The Licensee is not permitted to:


Do anything not expressly permitted under the paragraph headed "Authorised uses" above.


Use, or allowing anyone else to use any of the Images to create pornographic, fraudulent, obscene, immoral, infringing, illegal, blasphemous or defamatory material or using the images in a way that might cause offence to any participating people included in the Images.


Resell, sublicense or make available in any other way separately or detached from a product or web page. For example, an Image may be used within a web page design, but may not be downloadable separately.


Post any Image on any electronic bulletin board;


Put the Images on-line in a downloadable format, or use the Images in a website at a resolution higher than 72dpi;


Use any backup copy for any purpose other than to replace an original copy if it is destroyed or becomes defective;


Use or permit the use of the Image, or any part thereof, as a trademark or service mark, or claim any proprietary rights of any sort in the Image, or any part thereof;


This license is in force until it is terminated by Inc. pursuant to the provisions as to termination below. At termination, the Product must be returned to Inc. immediately and any back-up copies must be destroyed forthwith.

Limited Warranty: Inc. warrants that the digital copy of the images contained on the CD or downloaded by you is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety days from delivery. Any breach in the aforementioned warranty will be corrected by either a single replacement of the digital copy of the Image or CD, or a refund of the purchase price at Inc.'s discretion. Inc. warrants that to the best of Inc.'s knowledge the Images represented are not defamatory or blasphemous, and they do not infringe any rights of copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party. However, if any image is found to be defamatory or blasphemous, or an infringement of any third party rights, no right of action shall accrue against Inc.. Inc. makes absolutely no other warranty, express or implied, about the suitability of any Image for any purpose. Inc. shall not be liable for any general, direct or indirect, consequential, incidental, or other damages arising out of this licence or any use of any Image. The Licensee warrants and undertakes not to assign or license the use of the Images or any portion thereof for any purpose other than those purposes specifically agreed between Inc. and the Licensee under this Agreement. In particular, the Licensee may not loan, rent, hire or otherwise transfer or purport to transfer the right to use the Images in any way to any other person or entity.

The Licensee accepts and warrants that use of the Images shall not infringe any third party rights, of any nature, and any liability for the infringement of third party rights, of whatsoever nature, shall rest with the Licensee.

Copyright Inc. owns all copyright to the Images. No title to or intellectual property rights to the Images are transferred to you. Inc. retains all rights not expressly granted by this License Agreement. Termination It shall constitute repudiation by the Licensee of its rights and obligations under this Agreement if:


The Licensee fails to pay any amount due under this Agreement within one week of the due date;


The Licensee is in breach of any other term of this Agreement;


Any of the Licensee's warranties or representations shall prove to have been incorrect; Governing law and general provision This Agreement shall be subject and construed according to Colorado Law and parties agree to accept the jurisdiction of the courts of Colorado, whose courts shall be the courts of sole jurisdiction in relation to this Agreement. This Agreement will not be governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the application of which is expressly excluded. If any part of this Agreement is found void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of the Agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.

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Maine ocean islands provide the only nesting sites for Atlantic puffins in the United States. Eastern Egg Rock in the midcoast region, Seal Island and Matinicus Rock at the mouth of Penobscot Bay, and Machias Seal Island and Petit Manan Island off the downeast coast provide habitat for more than 4,000 puffins each summer.